Thursday, July 7, 2011

Indie Snippets features "His Wife's Diary (Love Bites)" by Tess Allen

From "His Wife's Diary (Love Bites)" by Tess Allen

If you aren't familiar with Indie Snippets I hope you'll take the opportunity now to
                             C H E C K     T H E M    O U T    N O W !

This is a quick overview of what they are about!

Indie Snippets features 200 word, or less, excerpts from the latest indie novels and short story collections. And the term "indie" used on their site means self-published or published through a small press.

At Indie Snippets you won't find product descriptions, or the free samples you can already read at major publishing websites like Amazon. Instead, authors submit bite-sized passages from anywhere within their stories to give readers a flavor of what to expect.

For a better idea of what this site is about, please visit the Indie Snippets home page and check out the latest posts!


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